REPORT: Flavor Flav Discovers He Has 3-Year-Old Son

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Flavor Flav has reportedly learned that he has a son with his former manager, Kate Gammell. The news came a bit late, as the child, Jordan, is already 3 years old.

The rapper recently went through the formal process of paternity testing before accepting the little boy as his own, according to a TMZ report published early Thursday. The little boy has been enjoying lots of time with his famous dad lately. The child’s grandparents, Barry and Parchi, reportedly indicated that Flavor Flav has been teaching Jordan how to play the drums. They have also indicated that Flavor Flav has been talking to Kate about changing Jordan’s last name to “Drayton,” now that his lineage has been confirmed, according to TMZ.


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Gammell and Flavor Flav have already filed legal documents to officially execute the arrangements they’ve settled on together and are expected to attend a hearing later in the year, according to TMZ. 
Leena Nasir