Over 70% Of Independents Think Biden Is Too Old For Office

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Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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Over 70% of independent registered voters believe President Joe Biden is too old for office, according to a recent Harvard-Harris poll.

Fifty-three percent of registered voters polled said they have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness, and 62% said Biden is showing he’s too old to be in office.

Nineteen percent of Democrats, 83% of Republicans and 61% of independents said they have doubts about his mental abilities. Twenty-nine percent of Democrats, 88% of Republicans and 72% of independents said he is too old for the presidency.

Fifty-seven percent of Hispanic voters, 50% of black voters and 67% of white voters said Biden is too old.

The poll was conducted online May 18-19, and surveyed 1,963 registered voters. (RELATED: Poll: More Than 8 Out 10 People Are Dissatisfied With State Of America)

A majority of voters are worried about an impending recession, with 36% believing the country is currently going through one and 49% predicting the U.S. will be in a recession next year. Only 16% said they think the U.S. can avoid a recession.

The poll also indicated former President Donald Trump is the favored candidate for the 2024 presidential election among Republican and independent voters, sitting at 41%. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is in second place at 12%. For Democrats, Biden is the number one candidate, at 23%, and Vice President Kamala Harris is in second place at nine percent.

Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders were polled to be the most favored politicians, sitting at 44%, 40% and 41% approval ratings, respectively.