‘Liar And A Hack’: GOP Rails Against Schumer For Blocking School Protection Bill

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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In the wake of the Texas tragedy, a school protection bill put forward by Republicans was blocked by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott were denied unanimous consent, by Schumer, for their school protection bill Thursday that would require the Department of Homeland Security to create safety practices for each school to prevent more violence, Fox reported.

Schumer denounced the bill in a tweet warning that the GOP bill would “see more guns in schools.” (RELATED: Schumer Says There’s No Imminent Gun Bill, ‘Americans Can Cast Their Vote In November’)

“GOP Sen. Johnson just tried for a bill that could see more guns in schools – I blocked it,” tweeted Schumer. “The truth: There were officers at the school in Texas. The shooter got past them. We need real solutions – we will vote on gun legislation starting with the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.”

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul voted against the Democrats’ domestic terrorism bill, which requires all employees to undergo anti-bias training, is a way for Democrats to malign law enforcement. “This bill should be called by a more accurate name: the Democrat plan to brand our police and soldiers as white supremacists and neo-Nazis,” said Paul.

The Republican bill, the Luke and Alex School Safety Act, was named after Parkland shooting victims Luke Hoyer and Alex Schachter.

The act would require “comprehensive school safety measures, including threat prevention, preparedness, protection, mitigation, incident response, and recovery to improve the safety posture of a school upon implementation,” according to the bill’s language.

Scott responded to Schumer’s tweet denouncing the school safety act calling him a “liar and a hack.”

“This was a bill I worked on with the Parkland victims. It’s named after them. You’re a liar and a hack,” tweeted Scott.

Johnson also accused Schumer of lying about the Republicans’ school protection bill, saying that Democrats “aren’t looking for solutions.”

“Not surprising that the Democrat leader would lie about the bill he blocked that parents of Parkland victims have been trying to pass for years,” tweeted Johnson. “Dems aren’t looking for solutions, they want wedge issues that they hope will keep them in power. Sick.”

Alex Schachter’s father Max Schachter emplored Schumer to reconsider the legislation to prevent more school shootings.

“@SenSchumer you blocked the Luke & Alex School Safety Act to hold it hostage as leverage against the GOP. They just blocked your terrorism bill. NOW WHAT? NO SCHOOL SAFETY. More UVALDEs and Parklands?” Schachter tweeted.