Incredible Photo Reportedly Shows Head Wound Suffered By Heroic Border Patrol Agent Who Killed Texas School Shooter

Border Patrol Agent (Credit: Twitter)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Photos have surfaced reportedly showing the Border Patrol agent responsible for stopping the school massacre in Texas.

A Border Patrol agent part of the elite BORTAC unit rushed into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed the sick monster slaughtering innocent children and teachers.

Now, a photo showing a head wound suffered by the unnamed agent has surfaced. You can see photos of the heroic Border Patrol agent and his head wound in the photos below.

I love absolutely everything about these photos of this unnamed American badass. When a monster entered that school in Texas and started unleashing his evil on those innocent people, most of the officers in the area did not attempt to breach the room.

This man reportedly entered the building with two other BORTAC agents, engaged the shooter while taking fire, took a bullet to the head and still managed to kill the man.

Seriously, look at the head wound and the staples holding it together, and tell me it’s not the most badass thing you’ve ever seen. Most people panic when they hear gunfire.

It takes a rare breed of man to grab his weapon while dressed like he’s on a fly fishing trip, rush into a building with an active shooter and engage the monster while pretty much everyone else stands by doing nothing.

Everyone wants to be a hero, but taking a shot to the head in such dire situations while putting rounds on target is the definition of a hero.


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While we do not know the heroic agent’s name, we know that he’s among the greatest heroes in modern America. In a crisis, he didn’t hesitate to get in the fight and it nearly cost him his life when he took a round to the head. An inch or two lower and he’d be dead.

Be damn grateful guys like this man exist. You don’t want to live in a world where nobody is willing to respond to the sound of gunfire.