Joe Rogan Shreds Amber Heard’s Legal Team, Has One Wish For Johnny Depp


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Podcaster Joe Rogan shredded actress Amber Heard’s legal team and voiced his dream for actor Johnny Depp during a recent episode of his podcast.

Rogan and guest Lex Fridman’s commentary on the trial came May 26, not long before the jury started deliberation for the headline-grabbing defamation case between Heard and Depp. Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, claiming she destroyed his career after alleging he was domestically abusive toward her. Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million for allegedly defaming her when denouncing her claims, iNews reported.

“Her f**king lawyers are terrible. She probably found them on Craigslist. They don’t make any sense. Their questions are terrible,” Rogan told Fridman in the May 26 episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“They’re so ill prepared. But also — what are they dealing with? Like what are they dealing with? They’re dealing with someone who’s a clear sociopath, a clear liar,” Rogan went on to say.

The two also criticized how Heard’s team’s expert witness Dr. David Spiegel performed while on the stand. (RELATED: Johnny Depp Makes Surprise Performance At Rock Concert As Jury Deliberates Case Against Amber Heard)

“I hope that Johnny Depp, like, plays him in a movie. Somebody wrote in the comments that he feels like — a patient who escaped from an insane asylum and is pretending to be a psychiatrist,” Fridman commented. Spiegel claimed during court testimony that Depp “has behaviors that are consistent with someone that both has substance-use disorder as well as behaviors of someone who is a perpetrator of intimate-partner violence,” according to the Daily Mail.

Rogan’s wish for Depp was that he and his attorney, Camille Vasquez, fall in love, and that the actor would get sober.

“That Camille Vasquez. That lady’s a gangster. She’s amazing. I hope Johnny and her fall in love,” Rogan told Fridman. “That’s what I hope. I hope after this trial’s over, they go out to dinner and he thanks her, and then they fall in love and he gets sober.”

The jury in the Heard and Depp trial resumed deliberations Tuesday.