Cardi B ‘Looks Like Sex’ In Wild Twitter Post

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Cardi B posted a provocative image of herself along with the caption “I look like SEX” on her Instagram page Monday, and fans are paying attention.

The photograph depicted Cardi B wearing very little, but her pose and her outfit were speaking volumes. The entertainer was dressed in a turquoise bikini and had slitted, textured chaps in the same color that went up to her hip. The side-by-side photographs gave fans an opportunity to see a frontal view as well as a side view, just to make sure no angles were missed! The suggestive image also showed Cardi B wearing sunglasses and oversized stilettoes, and one image featured the star straddling a chivari chair, which completely aligned with her “sex” theme.

Cardi B is fully engaging fans with sexually suggestive poses and outfits, and the self-proclaimed declaration that she “looks like sex” has generated thousands of likes and comments on social media. She had her massive tattoo on full display and wasn’t shy about striking a pose wearing very little, while showing off a whole lot. (RELATED: Jennifer Lopez Boasts Plunging Neckline At The MTV Movie & TV Awards)

She covered up the essential spots and gave sneak-peaks of skin through the slitted fabric chaps, but Cardi B did make sure she had one thing fully covered and completely unexposed for this photoshoot — her eyes.

The star kept her oversized sunglasses on for the duration of this flirty photo shoot.

Leena Nasir