Joe Scarborough Continues To Tell The Lie That AR-15s Are More Powerful Than Weapons Used In Vietnam

Joe Scarborough (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/dhookstead/status/1534137081294987265)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Joe Scarborough continues to lie to his viewers about the power of the AR-15.

During the Monday episode of “Morning Joe,” the popular MSNBC host informed his audience that the AR-15 weapon is more powerful than the weapons used by America in Vietnam. (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Claims AR-15s Are ‘Deadlier’ Than The M16s Used During The Vietnam War)

Of course, that’s complete fiction and utter nonsense, but that didn’t stop him from lying again.

During the Tuesday episode of “Morning Joe,” he, once again, informed his viewers that the AR-15 is “more powerful” and “more deadly” than the weapons carried in Vietnam.

You can watch him repeat the ridiculous lie below.

Where the hell is Scarborough getting his information from? A simple Google search will tell you that the idea that the AR-15 is more lethal, powerful or deadly than the M16s used in Vietnam is downright laughable.

As I pointed out Monday,  the M16A1 was capable of selective fire with a rate of fire of 700 to 900 rounds a minute. That’s a rate of fire that is not possible with the semi-automatic AR-15, even in the most capable hands.

Yes, both weapons fire the same .223/5.56 ammunition, but in terms of being able to put rounds on target, the AR-15 would get lapped by the M16A1.

Now, some have speculated that maybe he’s referring to the M14, which was used in the early days of the Vietnam War. Even if he is, he’s still wrong. The M14 fired a 7.62 mm round (also known as a .308), which is substantially bigger than the .223/5.56.

So, there’s absolutely no way to slice it where Scarborough is telling the truth. Yet, he keeps on saying it with all the confidence in the world.

Will the fact checkers intervene and set the record straight? Somehow, I doubt it!