Five-Year-Old Dies After Mother Accidently Leaves Him In Extremely Hot Car

Larry W. Smith/Getty Images

Kevin Harness Contributor
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A five-year-old boy died Monday after his mother accidentally left in an extremely hot car for several hours in Texas.

The boy, his 8-year-old sister and his mother reportedly arrived home on Blair Hill Lane from running errands for his sister’s birthday party, and the mother thought that her children got out of the car on their own, KHOU 11 reported. (RELATED: Grand Canyon Hiker Dies Due To Extreme Heat)

The mother went inside to prepare for her daughter’s party, and about two or three hours later she realized that her son was not in the house, according to KHOU 11. She then went outside to find her son in the car still buckled to his seat and unresponsive.

She proceeded to call 911, and EMS pronounced the boy dead at the scene, according to the outlet.

The boy was reportedly able to unbuckle himself and get out of a car on his own, but it is possible that he was unfamiliar because the family was driving a loaned vehicle, according to Click2Houston.

It was reportedly above 100 degrees that afternoon, and it did not take long for the temperature inside the car to rise even higher, according to the outlet.

Whether the mother will face charges has not been determined as of yet.

“Look before you lock, always check that backseat, do your roll call, make sure everyone is accounted for when you get in the house,” said Amber Rollins, Director of Kids and Car Safety, Click2Houston reported. “If you take your kids to daycare ask them to call you immediately if your child doesn’t show up as scheduled.”