Northwest Heat Wave Kills At Least 230

(Photo by DON MACKINNON/AFP via Getty Images)

Matthew Brooks Contributor
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At least 230 people have died, and hundreds more have been hospitalized in the wake of a massive heat wave that is ravaging the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

The heat has broken all-time temperature records in Oregon, Washington and Canada, while hospitalizing hundreds and contributing to at least 230 deaths across the region, according to CNN. Many of the deceased have been elderly. (RELATED: Record-Breaking Heat Wave Threatens The Pacific Northwest)

At least 676 people had to visit the emergency room in Washington with heat-related illnesses, CNN reported. In Oregon, 506 people reportedly sought emergency help as a result of the heat, and at least 251 of those visits occurred Monday when the temperature reached its highest.

British Columbia reported more than 230 deaths since Friday, and over 60 sudden deaths were reported in the Vancouver area alone, CNN reported.

“We are seeing this weather can be deadly for vulnerable members of our community, especially the elderly and those with underlying health issues. It is imperative we check on one another during this extreme heat,” Cpl. Mike Kalanj with Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said, according to CNN.

RCMP is encouraging people to check on their loved ones and neighbors to make sure that they are alright, CNN reported.

“Heat likely contributes to many more deaths from causes other than heat stroke, because heat can exacerbate other chronic diseases, such as heart and lung conditions,” Kate Weinberger, an environmental epidemiologist at the University of British Columbia, told CNN.

“Given the danger posed by heat, events like the ongoing heatwave in the Pacific Northwest need to be taken very seriously,” she added.