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Congressman Mike Gallagher Proposes Protections For UFO Whistleblowers


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher introduced an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to protect UFO whistleblowers from retaliation.

The amendment would create a “secure system for receiving reports of any event” or “any government or government contractor activity related to unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). The whistleblower system would be staffed by “designated and widely known, easily accessible, and appropriately cleared Department of Defense and intelligence community employees or contractors.”

The language in the amendment has the potential to increase the disclosure of information on UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) as it would protect those who come forward with information, according to The Drive. Individuals who speak publicly about UFOs have reportedly said that they have proof of alien life, but do not reveal much of the details for fear of imprisonment, according to Engadget.

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The whistleblower system would be screened “to prevent unauthorized public reporting or compromise of properly classified military and intelligence systems, programs, and related activity, including all categories and levels of special access and compartmented access programs, current, historical, and future.”

Should anyone who discloses information on UFOs and UAPs be retaliated against, they would be allowed to bring civil action “for all appropriate remedies,” the amendment continued. (RELATED: Multiple Military Witnesses Describe Encounter With UFO)

“Despite recent progress, we still know far too little about UAPs, along with the threat they may pose to our national security and the safety of our pilots. No one should be afraid of potential repercussions from sharing information that could help us better understand this phenomena, which is why we need to establish a secure and protected process within the government for individuals to share information and expand our understanding,” Gallagher told the Daily Caller of his amendment.

Gallagher is an outspoken advocate for UFO/UAP disclosure. During a livestreamed House Permanent Select Committee Intelligence Hearing on the topic, he pushed Pentagon officials to disclose more information on one reported incident from a Montana nuclear facility, which was shared to his YouTube channel.