MSNBC Guest Compares Restricting Abortion To Slavery

[Screenshot Morning Joe]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Reverend Jennifer Butler compared abortion to slavery while speaking Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Butler was speaking about a recent op-ed she wrote for Red Letter Christians in which she called for individuals to “denounce Christian nationalism” that has allegedly been “hijacked by white supremacists.” Butler told MSNBC that Christians have long used their religion to justify abuse.

“Our entire faith is about the care of vulnerable people and pushing back on those who would oppress others,” Butler said. “And unfortunately, what has happened in America is Christianity has long been used to justify the oppression of others, it was used to justify slavery, it was used to justify Jim Crow. Now it is being used to justify blocking women from the reproductive care, abortion care, that they need to raise healthy families and that is not my faith.”

“The majorities of religious people in this country support a woman’s access to abortion care because we believe in her moral agency. We believe that she has the spiritual capacity to make these complex and important decisions for her own family. And so, as Christians, particularly as a white Christian in this country, where Christianity has been used to justify terrible racial oppression, we need as Christians to speak more loudly about what our faith calls us to resist the pharaohs, the Egyptian kings, the Roman Caesars of our day.”

“We are organizing now to push back on that and to really reclaim our faith for justice and for compassion.” (RELATED: News Network Apologizes After Reporter Poses With A Pro-Abortion, Anti-Christian Sign)

The Supreme Court recently overturned the landmark ruling of Roe v. Wade. President Joe Biden is set to sign an executive order Friday aimed at “protecting access to reproductive health.” Congress is the only authoritative body with the power to codify abortion, so Biden’s order is crafted to build “on the actions his administration has already taken to defend reproductive rights.”

The order establishes “an Interagency Task Force” to help coordinate federal “policymaking and program development.”