Video Captures The Exact Moment A Pickup Truck Was Struck By Lightning


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A woman caught the exact moment her husband’s truck was struck by lightning July 1 in Florida.

Michaelle Whalen and her family were visiting Tampa Bay from their home in Indiana when her husband’s truck was struck by lightning, according to Fox 13 News. Whalen caught the entirety of the epic act of God on camera when she was trying to get a shot of the almost-daily dinnertime southern Florida storms, the outlet continued.

“You could feel a slight buzz in the car when it hit us,” Edward Whalen said in an interview with the outlet. No one was injured during the strike, but the Whalen’s Dodge Ram was “completely fried,” according to the outlet.

Driving next to the Whalen family was Hillsborough County Deputy Kristen Miceli, who said that “it sounded like [the lightning] was right next to my ear, which freaked me out. I’ve never heard it that loud before,” according to Fox 13 News.

You can watch the full video of the lightning strike here:

“All the lights on the dashboard had turned on. My power steering went out. My car shut off and I kind of just coasted,” Miceli continued. (RELATED: Insane Videos Show ‘Upwards’ Lightning In Kansas City)

Early evening thunderstorms are an almost daily occurrence in southern Florida during the summer and spring months, according to BroBible. It’s known as the “lightning capital of the world,” the outlet noted.