Insane Videos Show ‘Upwards’ Lightning In Kansas City


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Videos from the Kansas City, Missouri, area showed insane reverse lightning ripping through the night sky Tuesday.

The severe thunderstorm was accompanied by winds reaching 30-40 miles per hour, rain and hail, as well as tornado and snow warnings throughout the area, Fox 3 Now reported. Thousands of people were left without electricity during the weather event, which lasted throughout Tuesday night, the report continued.

Unique upward lightning events typically occur when there is a “nearby positive cloud-to-ground flash,” according to the Royal Meteorological Society. During winter storms, “tall objects can initiate upward leaders without preceding triggering flashes,” and occur 100 times more often around wind turbines than any other man-made object, the RMS noted.


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At least one tornado was confirmed by the National Weather Service, touching down in eastern St. Joseph, Missouri. (RELATED: Miley Cyrus Says Her Plane Was Hit By Lightning, Canceling Big Concert)

Though no injuries were reported, at least two homeowners reported extensive damage to their roofs and windows, local outlet KSHB reported. More storms are expected in the coming days, according to local weather reports.

Thunderstorms throughout the region dropped approximately one to two inches of rain Tuesday night, the report continued. It was 84°F on March 2 in Kansas City, which then fell to just 6°F by March 12, which local weather reporters described as “one wild month.” The bizarre weather systems don’t seem to be slowing down, as a South Dakota storm system is set to roll through Thursday, potentially bringing up to an inch of snow, KSHB continued.