Step Aside OnlyFans, This ‘Stranger Things’ Star Made An X-Rated Music Video


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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WARNING: The content in the “Thérèse” music video from “Stranger Things” star Maya Hawke is definitely not safe for work.

While most people get their porn from websites explicitly dedicated to the work, you can now watch some very artsy group sex in Hawke’s new music video on YouTube. The video was released Monday, and has already racked up well over a million views, along with 65,000 likes by the time of writing.

The video starts with some solo play quickly joined by multiple other individuals, and progresses to a voyeuristic outdoor scene featuring some very young, very pale actors. Acting like wild animals, they run through the forest before their hands are tied behind their back and they start walking in file toward the camera.

It’s beautifully done, perfectly matching the somber music. However, things got pretty weird when the credits started rolling and we discovered that Hawke appeared in the video alongside her brother, Levon Hawke, who acted alongside his sister. (RELATED: Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Rolls Around Naked With Adorable Doggo)

Do Levon and Maya Hawke do everything together? The siblings are both working on hit show “Stranger Things” together, NME noted. Now they’re in an outdoor group sex music video together.

Apparently the lyrics to “Thérèse” are “about the secret spaces we build where we are free to be ourselves, in a world that is always intentionally or systematically misunderstanding us,” Maya Hawke said in a press statement about the video, according to IndieWire.

“How hard we have to fight against internal and external forces just to love each other, love ourselves, love our bodies. ‘Thérèse’ is a call to return to the beginner’s mind. A reminder, if only to myself,” Hawke continued, citing how the softly damning song was inspired by her childhood in the spotlight alongside parents Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, IndieWire noted.

The video is five minutes long, including credits. You can watch it here, but WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT!