Dallas Independent School District Offers Pornographic Book To Middle School Students


Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A Dallas public school district appears to offer graphic comic books to children in middle school, according to the district’s online library.

Dallas Independent School District offers 22 copies of the book “Flamer” throughout the district’s multiple school libraries. The book is included in two middle school libraries, according to the district’s online library. “Flamer” appears to be available at “Spence Middle” and “Marsh Middle.”

“Flamer” is a comic-style book with pictures of children flashing and masturbating near one another, according to graphics of the book obtained by Libs of TikTok. One picture shows a young boy sitting next to his friend while the friend appears to masturbate into a soda bottle.

“We’re each busting a load into this bottle. If you don’t cum, you have to DRINK IT! Hahahaha!” the graphic reads. Another page reads, “Hey, Navarro, suck any good d**ks lately?”

Dallas Independent School District’s library claims the target audience of the book is kids aged “9-12.” The “content rating” on the book is labeled “juvenile.” (RELATED: Parents Against Pornographic Books Speak Out At Board Meeting Despite Threats)

The library offers other sexually explicit content, including “Some Girls Bind,” a book that discusses chest binding among young women.

Dallas Independent School District and leadership at Spence and Marsh Middle did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.