Conservatives Mock VP Harris For Introduction At Disability Summit

Screenshot/Twitter/RNC Research

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Conservatives are mocking Vice President Kamala Harris for introducing herself with her pronouns and announcing the color of her suit at a meeting with disability rights leaders Tuesday.

“I am Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she and her, and I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit,” she said during a meeting at the White House to discuss abortion. Other guests at the event introduced themselves in a similar fashion.

Vocal Eyes, a registered charity in the United Kingdom, says that, “Giving a description of yourself for the benefit of blind or visually impaired people…is good practice, and part of your professional responsibilities.” Clothes that are likely to become a “topic of conversation” should be described for the benefit of the blind person.


“My name is Greg Price, my pronouns are Busch/Light, I am wearing black shorts and a white shirt stained with buffalo sauce from the wings I had for lunch,” Greg Price, formerly of the Daily Caller, joked on Twitter.

“She did her mindfulness routine out loud,” an investigative reporter at the Daily Wire, Mairead Elordi, wrote on Twitter. (RELATED: After Solving The Border Crisis, The White House Is Deploying Kamala Harris To Save Abortion)

Emma Heussner, Digital Account Manager at CRC Advisors, jokingly referenced the movie “Legally Blonde.”

“Okay. Hi. I’m Elle Woods, and this is Bruiser Woods, and we’re both Gemini vegetarians. I have a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising from CULA, and I was a Zeta Lambda Nu sweetheart, president of my sorority, Delta Nu, and last year, I was homecoming queen,” Heussner wrote.

Beth Baumann, formerly of Townhall and the Daily Wire, struck a more serious note.

“This is why the rest of the world laughs at us,” she wrote.

“What’s next? What she ate for lunch?” Beverly Hallberg, president of District Media Group wrote. “This is what happens when you focus on identity politics instead of issues.”

“Progressivism is a cult,” Newsweek’s Josh Hammer said.