EXCLUSIVE: Poll Finds 62% Of American Voters Think Gender Activists Are ‘Going Too Far’

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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New national polling finds that 62% of likely American voters think that gender activists are “going too far” with their demands, according to polling obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

Competitive Edge Research polled a total of 1,010 likely U.S. voters between July 10-20. Half the participants polled received the prompt, “As you think about the activism on gender and sexual identity issues in the United States over the past few years, do you think the people pushing for change are…,” at the beginning of the poll. The other half received the same prompt at the end. Responses included, “Going too far,” “About right,” and “Not going far enough.”

Sixty percent of the first group of respondents said that gender and sexual identity in the U.S. are “going too far.” Sixty-four percent of the second group of respondents said the same.

The overall sentiment among respondents shows that Americans are not on board with the Biden administration’s push to overhaul Title IX laws to include gender identity. However, 81% of voters said they have no understanding of the administration’s proposed updates. (RELATED: Biden Admin’s Title IX Rule May Force Schools To Allow Biological Men In Women’s Sports And Facilities)

A majority of voters strongly believe that there are only biological males and biological females, according to the polling data. Just over 58% of respondents said that gender is not on a spectrum. These same respondents, and more, don’t believe that gender identity should be an excuse to allow biological men in women’s sports.

“One proposed change to Title IX mandates that schools group students based on their gender identity, not their biological sex,” one question reads. “Schools would be required to allow biological males who identify as female to participate on girls’ sports teams. Do you favor or oppose this change?”

Seventy-one percent of respondents said they oppose this change, 60% said that they “strongly oppose” the change, and an additional 11% said they “somewhat oppose” it.

Another question asked about voter sentiment on the Biden administration’s proposed gender pronoun updates in Title IX.

“Gender pronouns are the words ‘she,’ ‘her,’ ‘hers,’ ‘he,’ ‘him,’ or ‘his’ used to refer to others. One proposed change to Title IX requires that schools discipline students and teachers as sexual harassers if they fail to use the gender pronoun that another student or teacher prefers,” the question reads. “Do you favor or oppose this change?”

Seventy-five percent of respondents say they oppose this change. Fifty-nine percent say they strongly oppose this change, and an additional 16% say they “somewhat oppose” it.

The polling highlights the growing distance between Democratic priorities and Hispanic voters. A majority of Hispanic voters expressed concerns that updates policy changes to Title IX would lead to an increased rate of sexual harassment and assault.

Hispanic voters oppose letting biological males use female locker rooms, with 73% saying they oppose the update. Seventy-four percent of Hispanic voters oppose allowing biological male students and staff to share sleeping quarters with biological female students as well.

Democratic voters also appear skeptical of the proposed Title IX changes. Fifty-nine percent of Democratic voters oppose letting biological male students share sleeping quarters with biological females, and 63% believe such arrangements would lead to an increased rate of sexual harassment and assault.