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Kelly Siegel Transforms a Michigan Nonprofit’s Systems and Infrastructure to Accommodate More Children with National Technology Management

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To stay up-to-date with IT systems and infrastructure in today’s world requires the help of a constantly evolving company, which one nonprofit discovered. After years of working with volunteers in the IT community, one Michigan nonprofit found itself at a crossroads—stay where they were with outdated systems or expand and serve more special needs children through innovative technology. The nonprofit, seeking out top IT companies in Michigan, chose Kelly Siegel and his team at National Technology Management to reach new heights with their systems and infrastructure, allowing them to accommodate more special needs children in the area.

National Technology Management (NTM) provides an all-inclusive technological solution that works proactively, not reactively, to the changes in the technology industry. By installing and upgrading the hardware and software within the nonprofit and a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, NTM was able to provide the nonprofit with the means to accommodate more children and families and the donors who support their program. Other NTM’s case studies offer insight into how Kelly and his team have helped clients.

Growing up, NTM’s founder Kelly Siegel learned early that tenacity and innovation would get him further in life than waiting for it to come to him. At an early age, he began working a paper route to provide the basic necessities for himself, which he was not getting at home. By working the paper route as a business, he would triple the number of subscribers before leaving to pursue other opportunities to better his life.

Later, as an adult, Kelly Siegel still pursued opportunities and one of those was getting in early on VoIP—almost a decade before other providers. This venture soon evolved into providing security and IT solutions across a vast number of industries in the U.S. One particular area gaining traction is ransomware protection, a market valued at, according to Allied Market Research, $17.32 billion globally in 2021 and projected to reach $82.92 billion by 2031. Ransomware can cause undue mental anguish, time, and money, but it doesn’t have to with the right protective infrastructure. As a Company using a proactive approach to IT solutions, NTM’s all-inclusive solutions protect against ransomware, among other security features necessary for any company trying to keep up with the ever-changing technology market.

The level of trust, respect, tenacity, and honesty that comes from working with Kelly and his team cannot be happened upon; it requires diligence and the value of both parties. NTM boasts its proactive approach to customer solutions, wanting to save everyone time and money by valuing it. Customers who call NTM’s team for support find that at least 92% of the calls made are not only answered but also solutions to their problems are provided before hanging up.

Kelly Siegel is pushing the envelope to create innovation in the industry, saying, “I don’t believe in doing something a particular way just because that’s the way it’s always been done. If someone says, that’s the way we’ve always done it, that’s the antithesis of progress.” Where other companies fall short or only offer single solutions in a much larger picture, National Technology Management is stepping in and creating one solution for multiple areas within the sector.

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