DJ Moore Breaks Up Argument In The Crowd At Panthers’ Fan Fest

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Seth Roy Contributor
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Star wide receiver DJ Moore prevented a fight from breaking out at the Carolina Panthers Fan Fest on Thursday.

In the video, two adults are seen arguing with each other. It appeared that the two men were close to a physical altercation before Moore hopped into the stands and deescalated the tense situation. Moore reasons with both men to get them to stop and completely diffused the heated argument from worsening. His maturity in this moment may have prevented someone from getting injured. By interjecting himself, he helped keep the Panthers Fan Fest from turning sideways.

Not every athlete or public figure would get involved in an argument the way that Moore did. His bravery is telling on the sort of person that he is. (RELATED: One Knocked Out In Citi Field Fight Caught On Video) 

During the 2021-22 NFL season, Moore performed very well. In 17 games, Moore hauled in 93 passes for 1,157 yards and four touchdowns, according to ESPN. His play was rewarded with a massive contract extension over the off-season. In March, the Panthers agreed to a three-year, $61 million dollar extension with Moore with $41.6 million dollars being in guaranteed money, the NFL noted.

Not only is Moore the number one wideout on the Panthers, he is also their number one peacemaker when fans start getting confrontational with each other.