Someone Is Trying To Call The Fun Police On Finnish PM Seen Partying In Epic Video


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage of Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin partying with Finnish celebrities went viral after leaking online, and I am so freaking here for it.

Marin, 36, is formerly the world’s youngest political leader, and has made zero effort to hide her partying, according to the BBC. But why should she? She’s human. Isn’t that just what we do?

We love music. We love dancing. We extra love drinking and hanging out with our friends for recreation. It’s one of the few things the Romans gave us that we still maintain as a strong part of our culture more than 2000 years later, along with education, the aqueduct, stuff like that.

Critics have said that Marin’s behavior is “not fitting for a PM,” according to an outlet that shared the video. To this, I say, “Listen up, you old farty fun police, Europeans start drinking almost as soon as we exit the womb. She’s been training her whole life for this. Let her find her balance and quit killing the vibe.”

Apparently, someone in the video was yelling about “flour,” which the Telegraph claimed is a slang term for cocaine in Finland. “I haven’t used drugs, I haven’t used anything other than alcohol,” Marin said, the Telegraph reported.

Her opposition leader Riikka Puura is being a total square about the whole situation and demanding Marin take a drug test, the BBC noted. Like, sorry you weren’t invited to the party, Riikka. Maybe it’s because you’re such an obvious buzzkill and bore? I don’t know, just take a chill pill.

If you’re from across the pond (i.e., America) and still find Marin’s behavior unorthodox, just remember that the Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams is seemingly always out partying it up with celebrities into the wee hours of the morning as his city gets destroyed by horrific crime, as PageSix has noted. It’s not like Marin has to deal with one of the most grotesque upticks in violent crime in modern history as Adams does.

Actually, I don’t even know what Marin’s politics are, and I almost don’t even care because she deserves to go out and have a laugh once in a while. We all do. This is especially true if she’s a generally good leader, which, let’s be honest, no one knows because this is Finland we’re talking about. I’m pretty sure nothing happens there except for snow and Santa Claus, right? (RELATED: Nothing Says End Stage Dystopian Nightmare Like The Masked Servant Class Stooping Over To Adjust Hillary Clinton’s Gown On The Red Carpet)

Anyway, whoever leaked this video in an attempt to get Marin thrown out of her position is a massive wanker and should go to Finnish jail immediately. They should not pass Go. They will not collect $200.