‘This Is So Embarrassing’: Woman Stuck Upside Down In Gym Equipment Calls 911 For Rescue


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An Ohio woman was forced to call 911 Saturday after getting stuck upside down on an inversion table at her gym.

Christine Faulds was working out at 3 a.m. on Saturday when she found herself locked into the inversion machine, according to the first in a series of videos she shared on TikTok. The first clip, which has amassed more than 7.5 million views on TikTok, shows Faulds hanging upside down as she’s rescued by police.

“At least they didn’t send a whole fire crew…” Faulds captioned the clip.

@cfaulds20 At least they didn’t send a whole fire crew… #stuck #gymfail #workoutfail #help #police #911 #monday #fitfam #fail #failarmy ♬ original sound – cfaulds20

Faulds then shared the video of herself realizing she was stuck. The clip shows her trying repeatedly to get out of the situation before eventually calling to another man at the gym named Jason, who does not come to her rescue. Jason was working out in the gym’s free weights room and couldn’t hear Faulds over the music, the Independent reported.

@cfaulds20 Pt. 2… 911 call next… #gymfail #workoutfail #stuck #failarmy #gym #fail #help #911 ♬ original sound – cfaulds20

Faulds’ final TikTok chronicling the incident shows her calling the police and apologizing for getting stuck on the machine. “Hi, I couldn’t look up the non-emergency number. There’s only one other person at the gym and I got stuck in this – you know that backboard thing that flips back?” she says into the phone.

@cfaulds20 “911, What’s the state of your emergency?” Well, I’m stuck…😂 #gymfail #dispatch #dispatcher #911call #funny #failarmy #fail #stuck #police #help #workoutfail #gym #fitfam ♬ original sound – cfaulds20

“I wish there was more people in the gym right now but I’m stuck in this reverse back decompression thing, I don’t know, I just can’t get anyone’s attention at the gym,” she continues in the video. “I’m just stuck upside down and I cannot get myself right side up. This is so embarrassing. I’m just stuck.” (RELATED: FCC Wants Apple, Google To Ban TikTok)

Faulds was only stuck upside down for around 12 minutes, according to the Independent. Faulds noted in another TikTok video that she felt a “mild fuzziness” the day after the incident.