People Seem Pretty Convinced Harry Styles Spit On Chris Pine In Viral Video


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Something seems massively amiss between actors Harry Styles and Chris Pine. A video shared Sunday seemed to show Styles spitting on Pine’s lap at the Venice, Italy, premiere of their new movie “Don’t Worry Darling.”

The video shows Styles approaching his seat next to Pine, who is applauding with the rest of the crowd. Split seconds before he sits down, Styles seems to spit directly into Pine’s lap as Olivia Wilde watches, wincing. Pine then stares at his lap and stops clapping for his co-star.

Apparently the clip isn’t the only thing that has the press and fans fascinated and confused by the potential bad blood between the film’s cast. A slew of scandals have rocked the Olivia Wilde-directed thriller, including a potential feud between Wilde and Florence Pugh, the film’s female lead, according to The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

Rumors started circulating that Wilde and Styles started an on-set relationship, then that Pugh was paid a third of what her male co-stars made, THR reported. Wilde has denied the claims, noting that she fired Shia LaBeouf for “combating behavior” and replaced him with Styles, the outlet continued.

Wilde’s claim regarding LaBeouf is under question, as he claimed he quit the movie. His claim is backed up with a 2020 leaked video of Wilde seeming to plead with him to change his mind while blaming Pugh for having issues with him, according to THR. (RELATED: Tiffany Haddish, Aries Spears Sued For Alleged Child Molestation, Grooming)

In a follow-up article, THR noted that Pugh and Wilde did not interact once during the Venice premiere, despite sitting four seats away from each other. Pugh has also failed to gush and promote the project as she has with others, according to PageSix.