Featurette Drops For Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Tulsa King,’ And It Looks Incredible


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Paramount+ dropped the first featurette for Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming mafia show, “Tulsa King,” and my goodness this series looks incredible.

“Tulsa King” is the latest show to come from the Sheridan universe, and was co-created with one of the lead writers for “The Soprano’s,” Terence Winter. It stars Sylvester Stallone as a violent East Coast mobster, exiled to Oklahoma after his release from prison.

“I actually wanted to work with Sylvester Stallone for a while,” Sheridan told the cameras during the featurette. “This was an idea that I had: the gangster being sent from New York to middle America to establish the mob’s influence in that area. What an absurd comedy of errors that would be.”

The all-star cast shared their big feelings on filming out in Oklahoma, with Stallone saying, “Oh my God, welcome to rural America.” Cast member Max Casella said, “And it’s hot as f*ck, have I mentioned that too?” (RELATED: Watch Sylvester Stallone Literally Beat Up Kids In The Epic Trailer For ‘Samaritan’)

While many of the cast may not have immediately recognizable names, you’ll recognize almost all of their faces from other hit shows from the last 10 years. Martin Starr is featured throughout, who some may recognize from his work on HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” Garrett Hedlund (“Modern Love”) is a personal favorite. Andrea Savage, one of the funniest female writers of this moment, also stars alongside Stallone, according to the shows’ IMDB page.

I was somewhat skeptical about the series when I first read about it. Stallone on television was peculiar enough, but another gangster show just felt a little blah. However, after watching the featurette, I am pretty sure Sheridan has just struck another pot of creative gold.

“Tulsa King” hits our screens Nov. 13. Watch the full featurette here: