‘Walking Away From The Democratic Party’: MSNBC Contributor Paola Ramos Warns About Latino Voters

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC contributor Paola Ramos warned Friday on “Morning Joe” that Latino voters are “walking away from the Democratic Party.”

Ramos was discussing a soon-to-be released episode of “Field Report,” which explores the shift amongst Latino voters and voting preferences. Ramos then warned the Democratic Party is losing a key voter bloc.

“The larger picture is that Latinas have been sending a message for the past four years,” she said during the segment.

“[Former President] Donald Trump won seven of the 14 countries along the U.S.-Mexico border, right, and he was able to flip two of those, and he made significant end roads in places like the Rio Grande Valley,” Ramos said. (RELATED: Working Class Latinos Are Fleeing The Democratic Party)

Ramos then pointed to Republican Texas Rep. Mayra Flores’ special election win in June, saying there are “three Latina Republicans in South Texas that are running for office that are completely transforming the dynamics of politics in Texas.”

“We’re not trying to say that Republicans are winning the national Latino vote,” she continued. “We’re saying Democrats are losing it. The Latinos are sending a message, and we need to listen.”

Ramos argued immigration is not a top priority for Latino voters and said they care about “economy, they care about crime, they care about jobs, they care about education.”

“They want to be talked to and spoken to the same way that Democrats would go out for any other vote,” she added. “Latinas … they’re drifting away, they’re walking away from the Democratic Party.”

Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have been struggling with support from Hispanic voters. Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics rested at 38%, according to a June 30 poll by Civiqs polling. Forty-seven percent of Hispanics said they disapproved of Biden’s job, according to the poll.

An August Trafalgar poll showed 62.5% of Hispanic voters felt federal bureaucracies have “grown too large and only serve their own political interests.”