Shocking Video Shows Rescue Of Child Dangling From Balcony


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A heroic neighbor is being credited with saving the life of a child who was dangling from a balcony in China.

Video footage shows the little boy clinging to a railing for dear life while nearly his entire body dangles over the edge of a very high balcony. His head appears to be stuck between two of the metal posts, which helped prevent the youngster from falling seven stories, according to TMZ. A neighbor can then be seen scaling the balcony as he swoops in for the courageous rescue.

The incident took place in an apartment building in the city of Foshan, located in the Guangdong Province in southern China, according to TMZ. Local citizens could be seen and heard observing the tense situation from the street below, as the child tried desperately to maintain his grip to the railing.

The male neighbor eventually reached the child and was able to guide the young boy’s body into the upright position.

The video camera zooms in at this precise moment, and shows a person inside the apartment reaching out to help the child back inside. There are a few tense seconds before, finally, the child appears to be safely tucked back into the residence.  The neighbor can be seen positioning himself behind the child on the balcony, providing additional support.(RELATED: ‘You’re My Hero’: Ben Stiller Meets President Zelenskyy For Refugee Talks)

The little boy was pulled back in to safety, and the crowd looked on as the good samaritan then resumed scaling the side of the building, this time to get himself back inside to safety.


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Leena Nasir