Amy Schumer’s Painfully Unfunny Comedy Promo Doubles As An Abortion Ad


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Amy Schumer plugged her upcoming episodes of “Inside Amy Schumer” on Twitter on Wednesday, and swiftly sent a not-so-subtle pro-abortion message to her viewers.

Schumer posted a teaser video clip talking about Colorado, and it began by sounding like a promotion designed to attract tourists to the area. It quickly became clear that it was a pro-abortion ad campaign that welcomed people to visit Colorado for reproductive medical procedures. Those looking to have an abortion need not look any further than Schumer’s Twitter feed – she really puts it all out there, and adds her signature comedy style to the highly controversial subject matter.

Schumer’s overtly sarcastic promo video acted as a loud pro-abortion campaign. She provided the voiceover for the clip and maintained a script that unmistakably sounded like a simple tourism advertisement. That was juxtaposed by images flashing across the screen depicting abortion clinics and abortion access websites.

She opens the clip by saying that Colorado boasts “more than just beautiful wilderness.” Schumer continues to say, “We also have bustling town centers, and access to all the ‘services’ you may need.”

The video then flicked to a couple that shared their thoughts about Colorado. “Visiting here was on our bucket list of things to do before we die, which honestly, honestly I might have, if I wasn’t able to visit Colorado,” the woman said, seemingly referencing a life-saving abortion that she underwent in the state.

“Not that you need some big, dramatic reason to come to Colorado. No one should have to justify a trip to Colorado. Maybe you just wanna do with your own body, what you wanna do with your own body,” Schumer said.


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It quickly became abundantly clear that those who don’t believe in the right to abortion are likely not going to want to tune in to Schumer’s upcoming episodes. Those who are pro-abortion are sure to get a kick out of this though. (RELATED: Roe V. Wade Questions To Be Nixed From Key Standardized Test For Students)

She captioned her tweet with the message, “Visit Colorado (for, you know, reasons). Stream new episodes of Inside Amy Schumer October 20 on @paramountplus #insideamyschumer.”