Shark Swims Down The Street Amid Hurricane Ian Storm Surge

A shark on a flooded street in Florida during Hurricane Ian. [Screenshot/Twitter/Public — User: @BradHabuda]

Alexander Pease Contributor
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As the water levels rose in Florida amid a storm surge from Hurricane Ian, a video of a shark swimming down the street Wednesday in Fort Meyers has circulated.

The footage shows a flooded city street and within those waters a shark scurrying around near the surface-level as the winds whip in the background from the storm. A storm surge is when sea levels rise as a result of tropical cyclones or, as in this case, a hurricane, according to National Geographic.

It is unclear what species the shark is in the video above.

Hurricane Ian made land fall in southeast Florida with winds reaching 150 miles per hour as a category 4 storm, according to KOAT. (RELATED: Haunting Video From Tampa Shows Ocean Disappearing)

The National Hurricane Service had sounded the alarm about a “life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and flooding in the Florida Peninsula,” according to an official announcement.

Millions are under evacuation orders in the Sunshine State as a result of Ian as well, the Miami Herald reported. (RELATED: Top Biden Official Responds After Don Lemon Asks If Hurricane Ian Can Be Blamed On Climate Change)

Some Twitter users are reacting by warning that the movie “Sharknado” has become a reality for Floridians.

Hurricane Ian recently devastated the country of Cuba, reportedly destroying over 5,000 farms on the Caribbean island, The New York Times reported.