Bella Hadid’s Dress Gets Spray-Painted On

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Supermodel Bella Hadid wore underwear and body paint when she closed the Coperni fashion show during Paris Fashion Week 2022 on Friday, and that paint looked remarkably like an evening gown.

Hadid’s team was hard at work layering on the body paint in a strategic manner to create the illusion of a physical dress, according to a video posted to Twitter by Vogue Magazine. Her artists sprayed thick white latex around Hadid’s torso which created an opaque layer. The video shows Hadid covering her breasts while two designers created their masterpiece.

Eventually, the paint was crafted to look just like a dress and Hadid strutted her stuff in the jaw-dropping faux-dress.


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Hadid moved her arms majestically while her body was being painted  She emulated ballet stretches, teasing the camera as the paint was applied to her naked body.

Video footage shows Hadid’s body paint as it began to take on the form of a mid-length, solid-white dress that was complete with haute-couture accents such as a thigh-high slit and flirty off-the shoulder sleeves.

Naturally, she stunned the crowd when she took the stage

The painted outfit looked remarkably similar to a real outfit. In fact, had the video not been shown, it would be difficult to believe that there wasn’t any fabric used to create this jaw-dropping footage.(RELATED: Bella Hadid Channels 70s Stars In Sleeveless Chocolate Mini-Dress And White Go-Go Boots)

Coperni lived up to their daring, bold reputation with this risqué fashion concept.

Hadid was transformed right before the eyes of onlookers who were stunned to discover that body paint could actually be used to so closely resemble actual fabric.

“For spring 2023, @coperni dedicated its runway to ‘women of this world.’ The main event? @bellahadid taking front and center stage while three men spray painted a dress onto her body,” Vogue Magazine wrote in the caption of their Instagram post.

“The dress was then completed by another artist who used her hands and a pair of scissors to sculpt Bella’s dress,” the magazine continued.