Rep. Tim Ryan Says He Won’t Invite Biden To Campaign With Him

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan said Monday he would not invite President Joe Biden to campaign with him just weeks ahead of the midterm elections.

Fox News asked Ryan whether he would ask Biden to join him as other Democrats have shunned the president.

“No, I am not, and I’m really not inviting anybody,” Ryan told Fox News. (RELATED: Tim Ryan Says US Needs To ‘Kill And Confront’ ‘Extremist’ Republican Movement)

“I think, you know, J.D. has to invite Trump, he has to invite Don Jr., he’s got to invite Lindsey Graham, he’s got to invite Ron DeSantis, like, he’s got to invite everybody to prop him up. It’s like, look, brother, you’re in a competition, you’re in a race, stand on your own two feet. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m standing on my own two feet. I will be the mouthpiece. I will be the face in front of all my supporters and that’s all I want people to know, because I’ve disagreed with Biden and I’ve agreed with Trump on trade and on China and on, you know, General Mattis, and on these really important issues for the country.”


Ryan repeatedly touted support for Trump’s economic policies throughout his campaign, with Ryan being one of 193 House Democrats to vote in favor of the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement. Ryan described the vote as patriotic and encouraged current leaders to “have the guts to take on China, bring back manufacturing and cut taxes for workers.”

During 2018, however, Ryan ripped Trump, saying his policies were “wrongheaded” and “disastrous.”

“Trump is turning his back on American farmers,” Ryan tweeted.

Ryan also told Fox News he was disappointed that Biden has yet to visit the southern border.

“I think it is a huge issue,” Ryan said. “And we need more Border Patrol. You know, we need more technology.”

Ryan has been reluctant to tie himself with Biden, saying during an early September interview he thinks there needs to be “new leaders” when asked if Biden should run again.

Other democrats have also shied away from Biden’s help, with Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet’s spokeswoman telling The Washington Post they had “no comment” when asked whether Bennet wanted Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris to act as a surrogate campaigner.