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Editor Daily Rundown: National Debt Tops $31 Trillion

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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NATIONAL DEBT BLASTS THROUGH RECORD $31 TRILLION… FOX: National debt surpasses $31 trillion

The U.S. national debt has passed $31 trillion for the first time in history.

Treasury Department data released Tuesday showed that the total national debt was $31.123 trillion as of Monday.

The new milestone was reached even as the federal government’s insatiable spending has slowed considerably as the COVID-19 pandemic has waned. In the months following the outbreak, the national debt rose by $1 trillion in just a month’s time — not just once but twice in 2020.

As a result, the federal government spent $3.1 trillion more than it received in 2020, and it spent $2.8 trillion more than it received the following year.




BREAKING THIS AM… FBI: MURDERS ON THE RISE NATIONWIDE… LUCAS TOMLINSON: BREAKING: FBI says murders in the United States increased by 4.3% in 2021 from 22,000 to 22,900


BOBULINSKI’S BACK! … Hunter’s Ex-Associate Tony Bobulinski Claims The Bidens Committed ‘Fraud,’ Wanted To Make ‘Billions’ From China (VIDEO)

Hunter Biden’s former business associate, Tony Bobulinski, claims that the Biden family committed “fraud” against him, and that they wanted to make “billions” through business dealings with China while Joe Biden was vice president.

“The Bidens probably thought they were going to make billions” through Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Chinese energy firm CEFC, Bobulinski said Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Hunter Biden “definitely received the money. The bank statements have been made public. He received over $5 million,” Bobulinski added in the interview.

President Joe Biden claimed in a 2020 presidential debate that Hunter Biden “has not made money” from China and that “nothing was unethical” about his business dealings with China or Ukraine.


INSIDER TRADING FOR ME, BUT NOT FOR THEE… ANDREW KERR: The Stock Market Made Nancy Pelosi Rich. Now, She Wants To Ban Her Colleagues From Trading.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has seen her net worth increase by $140 million since the 2008 financial crisis thanks in no small part to her husband’s fortuitous trades in companies she has worked to subsidize. Now, she’s trying to pull up the ladder behind her: In what may be her final months as a member of Congress, she’s backing a proposal that would prohibit her colleagues from buying or selling individual stocks.

Pelosi scoffed at the idea of banning lawmakers from trading individual stocks as recently as December, saying that she and her colleagues should be able to fully participate in the free market economy. After rejecting similar proposals, Pelosi is throwing her weight behind legislation that would ban stock trading among members of Congress and other senior government officials. House Democratic leaders introduced the Combating Financial Conflicts of Interest in Government Act last Tuesday but failed to bring the measure to a vote before adjourning for the midterm elections.




BYRON YORK: Monday: New York Times publishes story knocking down crazy right-wing conspiracy theories about voting software company. Tuesday: New York Times reports company CEO has been arrested. (LINKS, SCREENGRABS)


MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: WOW WOW WOWWWWWWWWWWWW. I have never seen anything age this poorly, this quickly. By NYT’s@stuartathompson Also, could adults stop using the Democrat propaganda term “election denial” to describe people with legitimate challenges to election administration? It’s so puerile. (SCREENGRABS)


HERE ARE THE PIECES… MONDAY, NYT: How a Tiny Elections Company Became a Conspiracy Theory Target

At an invitation-only conference in August at a secret location southeast of Phoenix, a group of election deniers unspooled a new conspiracy theory about the 2020 presidential outcome.

Using threadbare evidence, or none at all, the group suggested that a small American election software company, Konnech, had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party and had given the Chinese government backdoor access to personal data about two million poll workers in the United States, according to online accounts from several people at the conference. […]

Unlike other election technology companies targeted by election deniers, Konnech, a company based in Michigan with 21 employees in the United States and six in Australia, has nothing to do with collecting, counting or reporting ballots in American elections. Instead, it helps clients like Los Angeles County and Allen County, Ind., with basic election logistics, such as scheduling poll workers.

Konnech said none of the accusations were true. It said that all the data for its American customers were stored on servers in the United States and that it had no ties to the Chinese government.


TUESDAY, NYT: Election Software Executive Arrested on Suspicion of Theft

The top executive of an elections technology company that has been the focus of attention among election deniers was arrested by Los Angeles County officials in connection with an investigation into the possible theft of personal information about poll workers, the county said on Tuesday.

Eugene Yu, the founder and chief executive of Konnech, the technology company, was taken into custody on suspicion of theft, the Los Angeles County district attorney, George Gascón, said in a statement. […]

Mr. Gascón’s office said its investigators had found data stored in China. Holding the data there would violate Konnech’s contract with the county. […]

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said in an emailed statement that it had cause to believe that personal information on election workers was “criminally mishandled.” It was seeking to extradite Mr. Yu, who lives in Michigan, to Los Angeles.



ATLANTA — Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia and an avowed abortion opponent, paid for his then-girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009, according to a report published Monday in The Daily Beast. Mr. Walker called the claim “a flat-out lie.”

The woman, who The Daily Beast said asked to remain anonymous out of privacy concerns, said that she and Mr. Walker had conceived the child while the two were dating, and mutually agreed not to go ahead with the pregnancy. She said Mr. Walker, who was not married at the time, reimbursed her for the cost of the procedure, the outlet reported.


CRIST IT BY A WIDE MARGIN… DESANTIS IS WHOOPING CHARLIE CRIST IN FLORIDA RACE… MARC CAPUTO: 1/x DeSantis leads Crist by 11 percentage points in Mason-Dixon’s new FL poll… And there’s more: DeSantis has $106 million banked — 27 times more than Crist’s $3.9m DeSantis is outspending Crist on TV by a factor of more than 10 — $16m to about $1.6m (THREAD, LINK)


IS GOOGLE MEDDLING IN THE ELECTION AGAIN? … DAILY WIRE: RNC Accuses Google Of Sending Election Emails To Spam, Files FEC Complaint

The Republican National Committee has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, alleging that Google is suppressing the GOP vote in November by sending millions of RNC election emails to recipients’ spam folders.

According to RNC officials, over 22 million emails sent in the last three days of September from the RNC were spammed by Google; over 3.1 million on September 28, over 9.8 million on September 29, and over 9.97 million on September 30.

“Every single month, like clockwork, Google suppresses important GOTV and fundraising emails at the end of the month, with zero explanation nor commitment from Google to resolve this issue,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel claimed to Fox News Digital. “We are less than 40 days out from Election Day, and important GOTV emails to our opted-in voters in states that have already started early voting are being systematically sent to spam.”

“Enough is enough,” she added. “Big Tech bias is undermining the democratic process and the RNC is exploring our legal options to put an end to this clear pattern of bias.”


YALE DON’T COME BACK NOW, YA HEAR? … AARON SIBARIUM: Citing Concern for Free Speech, 12 Federal Judges Say They Won’t Take Clerks from Yale Law School

A dozen federal judges say they are no longer hiring clerks from Yale Law School, citing a slew of scandals that they say have undermined free speech and intellectual diversity.

In addition to Fifth Circuit judge James Ho, who announced on Thursday that he would no longer hire law clerks from the nation’s top-ranked law school, 12 federal judges—both circuit and district court jurists—told the Washington Free Beacon they are joining the boycott.


MEANWHILE, NEW JUSTICE KENTANJI BROWN JACKSON CLAIMS THE 14TH AMENDMENT WAS DESIGNED TO BE RACIALLY PREJUDICED, NOT ‘COLOR BLIND’… MARK STERN, SLATE: Justice Jackson tells the Alabama solicitor general that the Framers of the 14th Amendment did NOT intend it to be “race neutral or race blind,” so taking race into account to protect minority voting rights is perfectly constitutional. Progressive originalism at work. (VIDEO)


COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY ECONOMICS PROF THINKS US BLEW UP NORDSTREAM PIPELINES… JAZZ SHAW: Jeffrey Sachs: The rest of the world thinks we probably blew up the pipelines

We recently looked at all of the finger-pointing going on over the mysterious “leaks” that shut down the Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic Sea. Most western leaders continue to suggest that Russia did it, though none are offering any hard evidence to support that claim. But economist Jeffrey Sachs, the Bloomberg TV host and director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University isn’t jumping on that bandwagon. Yesterday he told another host on the same network that most of the world believes that the pipelines were blown up in some sort of covert operation between the United States and Poland. The reason most Americans aren’t aware of this, at least according to Sachs, is that the possibility is almost never mentioned on American news networks. If you were watching the news in Europe or Asia, however, you would hear that opinion on a frequent basis.


PENTAGON SWEARS US DIDN’T DO IT… JENNIFER GRIFFIN: Dep Asst Sec of Defense for Russia, Ukraine Laura Cooper shoots down notion US involved in attack on Nordstream pipelines. Me: “Can you rule out that US was involved in any way in the attacks on the pipeline, the Nordstream pipeline?” Cooper: “The US was in NO way involved.”