Former NBA Player Says LeBron’s Nike Contract Is Hush Money For China

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Former NBA star Royce White accused LeBron James of accepting $1 billion in hush money from Nike to keep quiet about labor conditions in their Chinese manufacturing plants.

White claims this huge deal bought James’s silence for life, alleging that Nike signed James to these terms before he was even drafted into the NBA, according to a video posted to Twitter.“Lebron James was given a billion dollars by Nike, the establishment, anti-human, neo-liberal, Marxist, globalist establishment, which is also a church of LGBTQ.” White said. “He was given this billion dollars to keep his mouth shut about the single greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation.”

White went on to state the severity of the issue. “That is the two million people being placed in the concentration camps in China for no other crime other than being Muslim,” he said.

“Now he won’t speak on that. Why?” White asked, before pressing on to share his views on James’s character.

“Number one it’s an economic injustice that he’s done to take that payoff to shut his mouth, because really he shoulda asked Nike for 40 billion dollars,” White said.

White went on to break down the math and called James a “radical materialist.” (RELATED: Twitter Users Compile An Incredible List Of LeBron James’ Lies And Exaggerations)

Speaking about James’s misrepresentation and injustice, he said “you measure your success based on what other Black people have, and because other Black people don’t have a billion dollars, he feels that the billion dollars he got is an accomplishment he can hold over y’all and say ‘look at me, I’m successful'”

White lashed out at James for his actions “You are the new head house Negro,” he said, before calling him a “Black bourgeois sellout.”

James has not issued a public statement in response to these allegations.