Imagine Going To Get A Butt Lift And Leaving Surgery Down One Kidney


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A woman named Anita took to YouTube to share a story about her friend who went to get a Brazilian butt-lift in the Dominican Republic wound up having one of her kidneys removed.

Anita, a life coach, was giving advice to her fans and followers, warning them about the dangers of cosmetic surgery. She cautioned women not to go under the knife by sharing a story about her friend who had her kidney removed without her consent by a doctor that likely sold it on the black market.

“She went to a doctor that she seen a girl post about this doctor on of course IG,” Anita said. “These girls get paid to promote these doctors!” she warned.

Then she dove into the horrifying tale of what happened to a woman near and dear to her. “She gets the surgery done – she had lypo and she had a tummy tuck, and then she has a physical right,” Anita said.

Anita then revealed her friend was suffering from body aches and headaches and was feeling generally unwell and very “heavy” after her cosmetic procedure.

Her friend became increasingly concerned about her health and underwent testing with her doctor. “Doctor says her kidney count is low and asked abut any surgeries in the last year,” Anita said. When it was revealed that Anita had gone under the knife abroad, she was sent for a CAT scan. (RELATED: Supermodel Linda Evangelista Returns To Modeling After Botched Cosmetic Surgery)

“During the CAT scan it shows up, it shows up she only has one kidney,” Anita exclaimed. “So down in D.R. this botched organ-selling doctor took one of her kidneys!” she said.

Anita explained that her friend had no idea her kidney would be taken, and is assuming it was sold on the black market. Her friend is unable to locate the doctor that was responsible for this incident, and all traces of the doctor and the girl that promoted him on Instagram have been wiped off the platform.

Her friend now faces medical challenges and has to remain on medication.

“The moral of this true story is just please don’t get a B.B.L” Anita said.