SIMON: Just Like In Communist Countries, The State Is Turning Your Children Against You


Armando Simón Forensic Psychologist
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“No, deny it all you like, but our humanitarian intelligentsia has the same roots, the very same roots as the Bolsheviks.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The incidents of schools indoctrinating children while scorning the wishes and objections of their parents seem incomprehensible, but there is a method to the Left’s depravity.

The movie “The Killing Fields,” a story of the genocidal communist Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, has a brief scene whose significance is easy to miss. The Communists have taken over the country and begun indoctrinating children. The teacher draws stick figures representing a family holding hands on the blackboard and asks a child to come to the blackboard. The child erases the child stick figure’s hand holding the mother and draws a big “x” through both parents. The teacher smiles with approval.

In all Marxist regimes, a goal is to separate the children from their parents and make them property of the State. In the Soviet Union, children were encouraged to spy on their parents and report them to the authorities for any anti-Communist remarks. A boy named Pavlik Morozov even became national “martyr” for turning his father in to the Stalinist police. The result of these policies would be the “New Man,” who would safeguard the new utopia and its glorious leaders.

Now, this has come to America. Recently, a son outed his father to the FBI on Christmas Eve over his political views and participation in the January 6 protest, among many other instances. The FBI has started to encourage friends and family to spy on each other for potential signs of “violent extremism.”

This phenomenon occurs in Marxism because the ideology is anti-family. Engels and Marx considered the family a miniature version of capitalism, wherein the man sees the wife and children as property to be exploited. Unsurprisngly, modern feminists, many of whom have Marxist backgrounds, echo this view.

And this takes us to modern America.

The indoctrination of children in American schools seems rather bizarre. It teaches children to hate everything about America, promotes racial Marxism and a racial conflict, and pushes homosexuality and transgenderism on children. The latter may seem counterproductive until one realizes that both serve the goal of undermining  society. The old must be completely destroyed to build the new utopia, and parents pose the greatest barrier to this goal.

Enter DIE (Diversity Inclusion and Equity). This year saw a sudden influx of fat drag queens strutting in schools and libraries in women’s underwear, twerking in children’s faces, to the delight of leftist parents. In Austin, Antifa, the paramilitary branch of the Democratic Party, showed up armed to intimidate outraged parents protesting the event (Antifa has also threatened parents who object to homosexual pornography in schools).

Parents have gone to schools and school boards to voice their anger and their disgust over pornographic books, racial Marxism and promotion of homosexuality/transgenderism, including making boys wear girls’ dresses. But instead of encountering sympathetic public servnts, parents have found arrogant and dismissive bureaucrats who see the parents as meddlesome, stupid and – of course – racist white supremacists. Leftist government officials and celebrities have echoed these insults. These board members see the children as their own. The President of the United States seems to agree with them.

Sometimes, the school board members scurry out rather than listen to criticism of their ideology, a common reaction among fanatics. The leftist teachers and bureaucrats have an open contempt for the children’s parents. Parents are an irritation, just a speed bump on the road to brainwashing the next generation. When all else fails, they retaliate against the children.

But the school boards also have the support of the security state. Some have referred parents who object to indoctrination and grooming to the FBI as “domestic terrorists.” The FBI director and the DOJ have been happy to comply. Politicians in states such as Virginia and California have even tried to take children from parents who don’t comply or criminalize them.

Others have openly or covertly defied parents. Some schools deny teaching CRT while simultaneously defending it. Facts prove otherwise. It doesn’t matter what parents want or object to – the indoctrination continues, even if it is to be done covertly through renaming a subject or outright lying about teaching it. But the worst is encouraging children to lie to their parents. Sometimes, parents are left in the dark (a manual has been distributed for just this purpose). The tactic of “this is a little secret between you and me” is an old tactic used by grooming perverts.

Fortunately, some parents have chosen to fight back rather than run away from the system. More need to stand up, because the histories of China, Cuba, and the Soviet Union show what kind of atrocities a generation of children brainwashed against their families is capable of carrying out in the service of the state.

Armando Simón is a trilingual native of Cuba, a retired psychologist and author of A Prison Mosaic and Wichita Women.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.