Conservative Author Lucianne Goldberg, Who Played Major Role In Clinton Impeachment, Dead At 87

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Devan Bugbee Contributor
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Conservative author and activist Lucianne Goldberg, who played an important role in impeaching former President Bill Clinton, died in her home Wednesday.

Her son, Dispatch editor-in-chief Jonah Goldberg, wrote in a heartfelt tweet Thursday that she was “surrounded by people – and pets! – who loved her” when she passed. “She was wildly accomplished before most people ever heard of her during the Clinton brouhaha. Tough, brilliant, incredibly funny, she was many things to many people. But for me, she was just my mom,” he tweeted later in the thread.

Goldberg grew to fame after telling her friend Linda Tripp to tape any conversation she had with Monica Lewinsky during Clinton’s impeachment trial, the Associated Press noted. Special prosecution lawyer Ken Starr used Tripp’s 20 hours of recordings to uncover Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky. The House impeached Clinton Dec. 19, 1998, for perjury after he previously claimed under oath that he did not have an affair, but was later acquitted by the Senate, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Ghislaine Maxwell Spills Tea On Her ‘Special Friendship’ With Bill Clinton)

“If you go at the king, you’d best kill the king,” Goldberg said following the impeachment, Commentary reported, “and we didn’t.”

Goldberg befriended Tripp while working on a proposal for a book about Vince Foster, a Clinton aide who allegedly killed himself, AP noted. After following her advice and taping Lewinsky, Goldberg advised Tripp to hand them to Star, according to the outlet.