The LA Lakers Are Now 0-4. Its Time To Overthrow King James And Find Some Younger Players

(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

Seth Roy Contributor
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The Los Angeles Lakers dropped another game 99-110 against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, leaving LeBron James’ side 0-4 in the latest NBA season.

The Lakers’ eleven-point loss adds to the seven month drought since the last time LeBron James was in a victorious Lakers’ lineup

Apart from the year that Los Angeles won the NBA Finals inside the post-season bubble in Orlando, Florida during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, LeBron James’ tenure with the Lakers has been an atrocity. With how things are unfolding, James will be the centerpiece of yet another Lakers’ flop, where they’ll miss the post-season. For LeBron, it will be the third time in four seasons. It’s looking like the self-proclaimed “King” might soon be losing his throne. (RELATED: LeBron James Air-Balling A Logo Three Is Probably The Most Embarrassing Shot Of His Career)

It would be smart for the Lakers let James go play “King” somewhere else. Considering last season and the Lakers’ performance this season, there’s no way James is capable of gelling with Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook to play winning basketball. Two years in and they still can’t figure it out together.

In the twentieth year of his career LeBron just can’t carry his teams to victories anymore. He lacks having youthful legs at this stage of his career. Unlike his time at Miami Heat, LeBron James doesn’t seem capable of willing his team to wins during close games anymore.

If the Lakers want any chance of becoming a playoff team in the near future, they should trade LeBron and get as many young players and assets as they possibly can. Maybe one of these can become the new “King” once the bell tolls on LeBron’s career.