Visitors Trapped Inside Shanghai Disneyland After China’s Latest Covid Lockdown

Shutterstock/Tang Yan Song

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Shanghai’s Disneyland closed its gates Saturday after the city reported 10 cases of COVID-19, locking visitors inside until they can show a negative test.

The theme park was abruptly closed at 11:30 local time, along with shops and other businesses in the surrounding area, according to BBC. Visitors won’t be allowed to leave the park until they can test negative for COVID-19 on three consecutive days. It’s unclear how many people are trapped inside.

The rides are continuing to operate while people are stuck inside, but authorities have not announced a re-opening date for the park, BBC continued. Disney had reopened the park just two days prior to the new lockdowns.

This is at least the second time people have been locked inside Disney during the Halloween season. In Nov. 2021, roughly 34,000 were locked inside of the Shanghai park after a single guest tested positive for COVID-19. (RELATED: Don’t Worry About Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit. China Invaded Us Years Ago, Didn’t You Notice?)

Lockdowns across China are part of the Chinese Communist Party’s zero-COVID policy, which has resulted in millions of citizens being locked inside of homes, businesses and quarantine camps across the country, where only 1,000 new cases are recorded per day. The policy has led to a buildup of medical waste as well as instances of social unrest.