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Real Estate Multi-Millionaire And Investor, Travis Hanson, Speaks On Sharing His Strategies Of Success In Real Estate Business

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Travis Hanson is on a mission to help others get a grip on the real estate market so they can take their businesses to the next level. Coming from a law and public service background, with a successful real estate business that has made him a multi-millionaire, Travis has what it takes to help struggling entrepreneurs.

Real estate in America is huge, providing an irresistible opportunity for many new and established entrepreneurs to grab their slice off of a robust industry projected to pull in $369.90 billion in revenue in 2022 alone, with an annual estimated growth rate of 3.71%, according to Statista. However, as juicy as these figures sound, success for many has been farfetched, leaving them frustrated and disappointed.

Travis is a serial real estate investor who owns a real estate brokerage, a property management company, a real estate syndication company, a real estate flipping company, a real estate investment firm, and his newest interest, a real estate investor retreat network.

The idea of the real estate investor retreat network is essential to building an extensive network of real estate entrepreneurs and investors who’ll come together to learn Travis’s unique approach to real estate investment.

The solution is not complicated for Travis, who started investing in real estate while he was still in law school. He believes, from his experience, that an important factor that could make the difference between success and failure is information.

He observed that many people trying to get into the real estate business don’t have the right information to get started and win. So they meet a brick wall, impairing their perspective of how they see real estate afterward.

Travis Hanson, therefore, hopes he can re-orientate people regarding real estate and help them see how possible it is to find success in the industry, just like he has, by opening his real estate retreats. The investor retreats will be sited at luxury destinations that will combine goal setting, mindset training, investor training, and networking activities.

Speaking on his ambition to set up the retreats, Travis says he’s motivated to teach people because he’s observed that many people are simply going around in circles regarding real estate without a realistic, workable strategy.

A key ingredient of his teaching would be its practicality. “I’m going to mirror a lot of what I do,” he offers. “I want to be genuine, factual; I want somebody to look up what I say and see that I am a multimillionaire, that I am retired, and that I am all these things that I portray.”

Similarly, Travis notes that their mindset is another area of concern for many entrepreneurs and real estate investors struggling to grow in the business. As with most ventures in life, there are uncertainties in real estate. People looking to succeed in real estate must have the right mindset and not be fixated on how bad things can go in the business.

Despite the risks often associated with real estate, Travis says he’s never been skittish about investing in the industry. On the contrary, he has remained consistent and focused through the years and has seen his portfolio grow to the level it has reached today.

Coming from a humble background where he didn’t have much money at his disposal, Travis says he was concerned about creating a passive source of income at some point in his life so that he could retire early with financial freedom. So when he discovered real estate, he just went all in.

Because according to Travis: “Risk is not to be feared, and debt is not the enemy; if you ever want to be successful in life, you have to take on risk, and you have to be able to stomach that. If you can do those two things, the sky is your limit.”

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