Suspect Goes On Rampage, Evades Cops In 90-Minute Car Chase


Matthew Holloway Contributor
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A 90-minute-long rampage through the streets of Los Angeles and Orange Counties Wednesday ended with the suspect in custody.

The episode began shortly after 5 p.m. as police were spotted chasing the suspect in a dark sedan across the streets of Anaheim, according to ABC7. The suspect allegedly attempted to steal a pickup truck and when he found he couldn’t break into it, returned to his sedan and continued to flee. He then reportedly abandoned the car and rushed to a nearby townhome complex.

The fleeing suspect then stopped and allegedly stole a white van only to get pinned by a Fullerton Police Officer who parked his cruiser directly behind it. Throwing the vehicle into reverse, the suspect rammed it repeatedly eventually creating enough space to speed away, according to ABC7.

The suspect reportedly sideswiped other drivers until he reached Whittier, where the van apparently lost a tire, according to ABC7. Sparks flew from the rear wheels and the van eventually became inoperable and appeared to catch fire. The suspect then fled on foot into a residential area where he reportedly broke into a home leading to a confrontation with the occupants.

One man was reportedly constrained by a woman as he attempted to confront the suspect over allegedly trying to steal the family’s truck, according to ABC7. The suspect drove off nearly hitting two dogs, however, ABC7 confirmed that none of the animals nor residents were seriously injured. As the suspect fled into the Hacienda Heights area, the truck lost a front tire and showered other vehicles in sparks as he ran red lights, the outlet reported. (RELATED: US Adversary Claims To Have Developed Hypersonic Missile)

The chase came to a close when the suspect plowed into a Hacienda Boulevard gas station where a Sheriff’s deputy was able to immobilize the vehicle by ramming it, causing it to catch fire, according to ABC7. Deputies were then able to extinguish the flames.

ABC7 tweeted, “A man who led police on a wildly erratic and dangerous chase was taken into custody, but a different driver whose car was hit by the pursuit suspect was also detained at the end of it.”

After a tense standoff, officers broke the truck’s window, removed the wounded suspect and placed him under arrest, according to ABC7. As of Thursday morning, he was still hospitalized for his injuries.