J.J. Watt Appears To Give $1,000 To Fan After Reversed Call Kills His Bet

(Photo by Mike Christy/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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J.J. Watt is such a cool dude.

His team, the Arizona Cardinals, scored a 27-17 win against the Los Angeles Rams in their Nov. 13 contest, but defensive end J.J. Watt and the Cardinals weren’t the only ones tasting victory. A fan was also celebrating after he landed $1,000 in betting wages — courtesy of Watt himself after the fan lost a bet due to a reversed call.

Late in the second quarter, Arizona outside linebacker Myjai Sanders hit Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and appeared to force a fumble in the process. Watt scooped up the football and ran toward the end zone on a clear path towards a touchdown, but the referees ruled the play was dead due to an incomplete pass.

Despite the reversed call, the Cardinals still went on to win the game. No harm done, right?

Except for the guy who placed a $27.77 three-leg parlay, got incredibly close to winning $1,000, and it all went down the toilet because the referees decided to blow the whistle and reverse Watt’s touchdown. Ouch.

As you can see, the bettor had the Arizona Cardinals moneylight right, as well as the James Connor touchdown. All he needed was a defensive touchdown from the Cardinals, and that $27.77 bet would have turned into $1,000. (RELATED: Jimmy Garoppolo Got Love From Several Women In True Mack Fashion During NBA Game) 

After the game, the poor guy tweeted at Watt, asking him in a way that seemed only semi-joking to “help a brotha out,” and in true cool J.J. Watt fashion, the big-man reached back out, saying they both “got screwed” on the call and that he would take care of his bet for him.

Since we’re handing out money, what about a cool $1,000 sent my way, J.J.?

Seriously though.