It’s Tough To Determine What’s Worse, Machine Gun Kelly’s Outfit, Or His AMA Win In The Rock Category


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Machine Gun Kelly attended the American Music Awards Sunday wearing a purple suit with spikes on it, and that’s all it took for fans to troll the musician relentlessly on social media.

It was hard for fans to see past the ridiculous outfit the rapper-turned-rocker was wearing. He made such a spectacle of himself that it was hard to take anything he said or did seriously. Or rather, harder than it usually is. Aside from his obvious fashion fail, MGK took a few hits from fans who weren’t convinced he should even be allowed into the rock category in the first place. which made his win as Favorite Rock Artist even more infuriating for his haters.

His purple outfit had spikes sticking out of it, and each spike faced a different direction. The outfit was as much of an eyesore as it was a safety hazard.

The ridiculous outfit looked pretty sharp, and many fans took to social media to quip about how he’d impale anyone who tried to hug him while wearing this atrocious costume.

Endless memes were posted online as fans leaned into trolling this hideous fashion statement.

One fan joked about MGK’s resemblance to a pin cushion, and posted a hilarious image to visually represent his likeness to the inanimate object.

Another critic managed to find the perfect visual representation of his wild outfit by sharing a photograph of a purple-spiked monster from the “Monsters Inc.” movie, and the similarities were obvious.

There was so much hate on social media, with fans calling out the strange outfit as being both dangerous and hideous. (RELATED: Machine Gun Kelly’s Tour Bus Defaced With A Penis And A Homophobic Slur)

Lionel Richie was honored with the Icon Award at the 2022 American Music Awards, and was lucky to survive the ceremony after being forced to sit so close to MGK’s sharp costume. Images of Richie sitting next to MGK showed how dangerously close the musical legend was to getting nicked by the spikes.

Other haters were more concerned with the fact that MGK could win in the rock category than they were about his outfit. Plenty of angry fans took to Twitter to declare that MGK was not a rock artist, and complained that he was being hailed as one.