VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Woman Berated After Accidentally Sitting In Bus Seat ‘Reserved’ For Rosa Parks

[Screenshot Anonymous Source Video]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A woman was shamed on a Washington, D.C., public bus Thursday morning after she sat in a seat that was meant to be left empty in honor of Rosa Parks.

Thursday is Rosa Parks Day, which honors Parks and her refusal to surrender her seat on a bus to a white woman.

The incident unfolded on the eastbound WMATA D6 to Stadium and Armory around 8:40 a.m. A source who provided the video said the bus was completely full. A woman who appears to be British, seemingly unaware of what was going on, sat in the reserved seat, prompting a passenger and the bus driver to scold her.

“Nobody can see the history of Rosa Parks if you’re sitting there,” the passenger says to the woman. The passenger then tries to lecture the woman on the history of Parks. The woman tells the passenger she should be “more respectful.”

The passenger continues to press the woman on the “history” of Parks, saying that “as a black woman” she wants to share history. The woman explains she was unaware that two seats had been reserved on the bus to honor Parks, with another passenger chiming in to say it was OK to not have known prior to sitting but now that she knows she should vacate the seat.

“I’ve never seen this before,” the passenger said. The female passenger once again begins chiding the woman, saying there was a sign up and feigning ignorance was a poor excuse. (RELATED: School Staffer Wears Blackface, Allegedly Calls Herself Rosa Parks To Protest Vaccine Mandate)

The eyewitness, a frequent bus rider who wishes to remain anonymous to avoid potential repercussions, told the Daily Caller the WMATA should have better priorities than blocking two seats.

“This is the type of woke virtue signaling that drives the vast majority of Americans insane,” the anonymous source said. “Blocking off two seats only inconveniences people by forcing them to stand and does nothing to promote racial progress. WMATA should focus more on making its buses run on time and less time laying the ground for struggle sessions.”

The Daily Caller reached out to the WMATA to confirm what the protocol is for bus drivers when dealing with passengers who sit in the designated seats. The WMATA referred The Caller to the following tweet.