Nick Cannon Jokes About All His Kids And ‘Baby-Mamas’ In New Christmas Video


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Nick Cannon posted an Instagram video to his account Thursday, and showed his light-hearted holiday spirit by making jokes about how many babies and baby-mamas he has.

Cannon dressed up in a holiday sweater that included little lights that lit up in red throughout the video. He also wore a Santa hat and sat in front of a fireplace. With the Christmas vibes immaculately established, he began cracking jokes about having fathered a total of 11 children with six different women, according to People. Three of those kids were born just this year, and he reportedly has a 12th child on the way.

“It’s almost the holidays, and thanks to me, the world now has 8 billion people,” Cannon said, citing a milestone the world population passed last month. “But my job’s not done.”


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The joke about Cannon’s ‘job not being done’ wasn’t lost on fans, who shared their thoughts in the comments section of his Instagram page, asking if he was alluding to having another baby.

After a brief pause Cannon went on with his recorded message.

“It’s time to do some online shopping,” he said.

Cannon went on to draw even more attention to the fact that he is becoming almost as famous for making babies as he ever was for his music career.

“And based on the mama-baby-to-kid ratio, we got a whole hell of a lotta gifts to buy!” Cannon said.

“Let’s go!” he added, launching into a comedic skit. (RELATED: Joe Pesci Reveals Worst Injury He Suffered While Filming ‘Home Alone’)

Cannon pretended to be talking to his children on the phone as he took notes on what they wanted for Christmas. “Daddy’s got this!” he said, before sarcastically adding that “it’s gonna be a merry motherfucking Christmas!”

Cannon quipped about the fact that his childhood didn’t include the lavish gifts he could afford for his own children. “You know what my daddy got me? A stick!” Cannon said.

He then picked up a phone and pretended to be speaking with one of his daughters. “No I can’t afford the whole Lakers,” Cannon joked.
“Maybe one of them.”

He closed off the wildly luxurious shopping list with a comment that poked fun at how much wealth his children are surrounded by.

“Where are you gonna put a dolphin little girl, huh?” Cannon said. Then, the realization kicked in. “Oh yeah, your mama do got an island, never mind, imma work on that dolphin!”

He ended the skit by suggesting he had so many children to provide for that he’d need to sell his organs to be able to afford their Christmas gifts.

“Yo how much can I get for this kidney?” Cannon said.