Survey: America’s Most Hated Christmas Candies

A display of candy at the White House from 2017. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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America’s most hated Christmas candy is the Christmas Nougat. polled more than 9,000 of their own customers to find the worst Christmas candies. “It’s a delicate game, asking customers about their least favorite product of yours,” the report by says. “The negativity flows so freely and easily.” (RELATED: Matthew McConaughey Delivers Important Christmas Message About Opening Presents)

“The peppermint nougat candies have a fundamental problem,” the report said. “It seems they are thought of by many to have a flavor that is inconsistent with expectations for a nougat candy. Chewy texture suggests to many a rich caramel or chocolate experience. Maybe the minty flavor is just at odds with what your brain expects. Brain-mouth dissonance?”

The runner up is reindeer corn, followed by chocolate-covered cherry cordials in bronze. The rest, in respective order, are lifesavers story books, non-peppermint candy canes, old-fashioned hard candy mix, peeps, ribbon candy, peppermint bark, and chocolate oranges.

“People’s likes and dislikes are shaped by a thousand different influences over their lifetime, and especially their childhood,” the report states. “They often contradict metrics like sales data.”

Shockingly, some of the most hated candies are the most consumed during the Christmas season. For example, even though customers said candy canes are “super sticky and gross,” they remain a bestseller.