Benches Clear After Zion Williamson Throws Down Huge 360 Windmill Dunk At The End Of Regulation


Seth Roy Contributor
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Tensions flared Friday night between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Phoenix Suns after Zion Williamson threw down a 360 dunk in the final seconds of regulation.  

Suns players and coaches cleared their benches following Williamson’s emphatic slam to seal the deal on the Pelicans’ 128-117 victory, which further expanded their lead atop the Western Conference standings.

There’s an unwritten rule in basketball that you should let the clock run out instead of trying to score if the game is already decided. That said, this dunk was sick!

After the game, Williamson acknowledged the jam was controversial, and said he did it because Phoenix eliminated his team from the postseason last year while he was out injured.

“That was a little out of character for me. But you gotta understand, they sent my teammates home last year… But I was in that locker room, my brothers was down because the Suns sent us home last year.”

You have to respect Williamson’s desire to throw down this 360-windmill. He did it for his teammates that were hurt from being eliminated a season ago by this same Suns team. If that isn’t a good justification, I don’t know what is.

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I’ve always thought people getting irritated by late game scoring was cheesy. You should play till the clock hits triple zeros. If Phoenix didn’t want this to happen to them again, they shouldn’t have allowed the game to get to that point to begin with.