Four-Time NBA Champion Draymond Green Has Heckling Fan Removed From Stands

Screenshot/Twitter/NBC Sports via vernKPIX

Seth Roy Contributor
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Draymond Green continues to make himself look like a gigantic fool. 

Green had a referee eject a fan in the stands from the Fiserv Forum on Tuesday night after the NBA player and the fan had an exchange at the free-throw line. 

The four-time NBA champion is seen on camera antagonizing the fan who had seemingly criticized one of his passes. Green is heard saying, “What’s that pass? What’s the pass? I would love to know what the pass is. You ain’t shit … I thought so … Explain yourself if you want to be heard.” 

After the tense conversation at the line Green complained to one of the referees officiating the game and had the fan removed from the arena by security. 

This is the same Draymond Green who punched his significantly more talented teammate, Jordan Poole, in the face during a Warriors’ practice prior to the regular season getting underway.

In the postgame press conference after the Milwaukee Bucks annihilated the Golden State Warriors by 17-points, Green told reporters that the fan had said “some threatening stuff to [his] life.”

Whether what Green alleged is true or not is unclear but to have a fan ejected over some choice words is weak to me.

Green was fined $25,000 less than three weeks ago after jawing back and forth with another fan sitting courtside at a Dallas Mavericks game. Green told the Mavs fan to “enjoy the f**king game, shut up.”

The reason I mention the incident in Dallas and the one where Green nearly knocked out his teammate, is to point out how Green is by no means a saint. He is actually one of the most unprofessional athletes that I have ever seen in my life, in any sport. (RELATED: NBA Fines Draymond Green $25,000 For Allegedly Cursing At A Fan)

If the Bucks’ fan happened to threaten his life, that’s one thing, but from what you could hear at the free-throw line, it seems Green was upset over a comment the fan made about one of his passes.

I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle in this situation, but with Green’s track record of doing unprofessional things, I’ll just take what I could hear from his exchange at the free-throw line and go from there.