Mic’d Up: Las Vegas Raiders’ Josh Jacobs Let All His Teammates Know He Had ‘To Pee So Bad’ In Huddle

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Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

During the Dec. 18 game between the Las Vegas Raiders and New England Patriots, Raiders’ pro bowl running back Josh Jacobs was mic’d up, and at one point, outright admitted to all his teammates in the huddle that he had “to pee so bad.”

Jacobs and his quarterback Derek Carr then discussed what options he had available.

Las Vegas won the game over New England, 30-24.

I can always respect it when somebody keeps it G. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Just like when I recently had internet trouble and was scrambling all over the place to find a connection, as well as going into Wal-Mart to find a temporary fix for my home internet, and I kept getting interrupted because I had to keep taking a piss.

Hey, I get it. I’ve been there plenty of times. Sometimes you just gotta go, and Jacobs should be lucky that he didn’t have to take a shit, or even worse, have “mud butt” in the words of Dave Chappelle. Be lucky it was just a piss. And I love how Josh said it would be “bad for business” if he went so he just held on, that’s great brand management right there. (RELATED: NFL Sunday Ticket Is Leaving DirecTV And Taking Its Talents To YouTube TV For A Reported $2.5 Billion)

And for future reference, Josh, if you ever have to go that bad, just do what DK Metcalf did earlier this season.

So great.