‘Nobody Works. Nobody Gives A Damn’: Home Depot Co-Founder Says Socialism Killed Americans’ Work Ethic

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Devan Bugbee Contributor
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Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus argued Thursday that “socialism” is to blame for America’s waning work ethic.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Marcus criticized the ideology, arguing that it makes people lazy. “Nobody works. Nobody gives a damn. ‘Just give it to me. Send me money. I don’t want to work — I’m too lazy, I’m too fat, I’m too stupid,'” he told the outlet.

The 93-year-old billionaire called capitalism the “basis” of Home Depot’s success, stating that the company’s fortunes have rippled across to manufacturers, vendors, distributors and workers. “That’s the success. That’s why capitalism works,” he added.

Marcus, a two-time supporter of former President Donald Trump, government bureaucrats, regulators, socialists, Harvard graduates President Joe Biden, the media and “the woke people,” among others, as major barriers to entrepreneurial greatness, Financial Times noted. He additionally criticized censorship as a hindrance to business-oriented ambitions. “We used to have free speech here. We don’t have it … The woke people have taken over the world,” he stated. (RELATED: Rival Countries Place Forces On Combat Alert, Close Border Crossings)

Marcus previously spoke out against socialism in 2019 when asked about Bernie Sanders and his left-wing proposals, such as socialized medicine. “He is the enemy of every entrepreneur that’s ever going to be born in this country and has been born in the past,” he said of Sanders and his propositions.

Marcus’ business partner Ken Langone seconded his stance, stating, “[Socialism] doesn’t work. It never works.”