Cleveland Browns Send Jadeveon Clowney Home Before Practice After He Reportedly Trash Talked Team In Front Of Everyone

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Seth Roy Contributor
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Trouble is brewing between defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns sent Clowney home Friday before practice began after comments the player reportedly made towards teammate Myles Garrett, and the Browns on Thursday. Clowney told Cleveland.com that he was “ninety-five percent sure” he wouldn’t be re-signing with the team in the offseason once his contract expires. Clowney believes the Browns are “trying to get [Garrett] into the Hall of Fame instead of winning games,” according to ESPN.

Clowney claims that the Browns “got their own guys, and I ain’t one of them, so it’s time for me to get my exit slip,” ESPN reported.

Garrett responded to Clowney’s comments on Friday and said, “we just want volunteers, not hostages.” He also said that he wishes Clowney had handled his frustrations differently and had spoken to him “man-to-man.”

Clowney should have nothing but nice things to say about Garrett considering how much better Garrett has been than him this season. Garrett has a total of 53 tackles this year and leads the team with 15 quarterback sacks, according to Pro Football Reference. Clowney, on the other hand, has just 28 tackles and only 2 quarterback sacks this season. Statistically speaking, Garrett has been significantly better than Clowney has been all season long. For Clowney to drag Garrett’s name through the mud like this is a bad look for him if he’s looking to get signed somewhere else next season.

In the last 22 seasons, the Browns have qualified for the postseason only twice, according to Sports Reference. Their problems in-house are an example of how much of a dumpster fire their organization is as a whole. (RELATED: ‘I Need Another Medic Please’: Desperate Audio From Hamlin’s Near-Death Incident Released)

I think Clowney is a good football player but the way he’s burning bridges on his way out seems very unprofessional. He should have aired out his grievances with Garrett and the coaching staff if he had a problem.

Considering how the NFL is a talent-based industry, I’m sure Clowney will get another opportunity in the NFL in free-agency. That said, I wouldn’t want to sign him to my team if this is the way he acts when things aren’t going well for him or the team.