College Basketball Players Hospitalized, Head Coach Temporarily Removed Following Brutal Workout

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Taylor Giles Contributor
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Five college basketball players from Concordia University Chicago were hospitalized and the head coach was temporarily removed from his position following a brutal practice Dec. 31.

The practice was allegedly considered punishment for players on the men’s team violating curfew while in California, according to Fox News. Head Coach Steve Kollar was temporarily removed following the practice.

“It has been alleged by some that the intensity and difficulty of Saturday’s practice was a direct consequence of the broken curfew earlier in the week,” Athletic Director Pete Gnan said in a letter to parents obtained by the Daily Caller from Concordia University Chicago.

“A final determination has not yet been made on whether or not the intensity of the practice was related to the violation of team rules, however the University continues to look into the matter and is also working to determine all factors that contributed to the student hospitalizations,” the letter continues.

Players were encouraged to go to the hospital if they had symptoms similar to those found with rhabdomyolysis, reported Fox News. Rhabdomyolysis happens when muscle tissue that has been damaged releases electrolytes and proteins into the blood and circulates throughout the body, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The condition can become fatal.

“Our athletics program has zero tolerance for harassment or retaliatory actions of any kind, and reporting mechanisms are in place for students, coaches and related staff,” Gnan said, according to ESPN. (RELATED: University Of Texas Fires Head Basketball Coach Chris Beard After Domestic Violence Charge)

Concordia University Chicago postponed two of its games scheduled for this week, Fox News reported. All five players who were hospitalized have been released as of Saturday, according to a statement by Concordia University Chicago to the Daily Caller.

Concordia University Chicago is a division III school and is part of the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference. The team’s next game is against Concordia University Wisconsin on Jan. 7.