Dr. Seuss? SpongeBob?: What Dietz & Watson, Eagles Are Doing With Hot Dogs May Turn Others Green With Envy

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You have good marketing, great marketing and then you have this genius.

The Philadelphia Eagles are 14-3, the No. 1 seed in the NFC and are headed into the playoffs as one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl, so as you can imagine (and as I can tell you from personal experience living in Pennsylvania for a decade), the hype is most certainly real in Philly — and one local business is taking advantage in brilliant fashion.

Deli meat provider Dietz & Watson, an official partner of the Eagles, announced Jan. 10 that it will be handing out free “Bird Dogs” throughout the team’s run in the playoffs, and will be doing so from their food truck in Philly.

The dogs will be put on green buns, which are made with food dye. The buns are also true Philly, coming from Cacia’s Bakery in South Philadelphia. Featured on the franks are diced long hots, provolone and crunchy onions. For fans who like spicy food, they have the option of adding spicy cheddar to make the “Bird Dog” pop more.

Just check out the marketing though, the gimmick, it’s absolutely fantastic:

My editor is a massive Philadelphia Eagles fan, I have family who are huge Eagles fans, and I’ve got loads of connections to both the city of Philadelphia and Eagles after my time in Pennsylvania (as well as covering the Eagles professionally during my newspaper days), so I’ve got plenty of reasons to love this marketing artistry.

But all of that aside, the gimmick by itself is absolutely glorious. Everybody should enjoy this one.

This isn’t the Hulk-inspired purple and green ketchup from back in the day, this isn’t the Pretty Patty from SpongeBob SquarePants and, no, this ain’t no damn green eggs and ham. This is outright marketing genius. And no, I’m not saying this because I want Dietz & Watson to supply me and the entire Daily Caller staff with free “Bird Dogs.” (wink, wink) (RELATED: Europe Has Its Own American Football League. They Named One Team The ‘Seamen’)

And I’m not trying to hear this “ew, it’s green” nonsense either. I guarantee that the “Bird Dog” will be one of the best hot dogs you will ever have in your life. In fact, since my editor lives in Philadelphia, I’m going to personally request him to get one of these “Bird Dogs” and give me a review — I’ll keep you updated on that. Now how’s that for quality journalism?

So, Dietz & Watson, about those free “Bird Dogs” for me and the Daily Caller … I’m just sayin’.